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House of the Dragon showrunner Miguel Sapochnik’s wife makes a cameo in House of the Dragon episode 8




Miguel Sapochnik is a 48-year-old English director. He directed one of the best episodes of Game of Thrones, the Battle of the Bastards. While he recently announced his departure as showrunner from House of the Dragon, his wife, Alexis Raben, makes an appearance in episode 8. She also appeared in episode 6 and played one of the many maids of the Red Keep. Alexis is an actor and producer herself. She received better screen time in episode 8 than in episode 6 as one of Mysaria’s “little birds.”


We see Alexis as Alicent’s maid, Talia, in this episode. She is in the room where the Queen is settling the matter with another maid her son forced himself upon. We do not think much of the maid character until she is seen towards the end of the episode meeting Mysaria. Mysaria is the Master of Whisperers and is known as Lady Mysaria or The White Worm. She tells more than asks Talia, “It’s been quite a night at the castle, it seems.” This shows that Mysaria had already gotten wind of the events at the Red Keep, even before Talia had arrived.

The leaders of the greens have been the main occupants of the castle. This might mean Mysaria has much more dirt on the greens from her informants, who are spread everywhere. She will be an invaluable resource to whichever faction she sides with.

Which side do you think she’ll take? Greens or Blacks? Let us know on our discord server.

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