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Ryan Condal talks about how Milly Alcock’s Season 2 Harrenhal cameo was kept a secret

Did you gasp at the surprising cameo at Harrenhal?



Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra
Credit: Max

House of the Dragon season 2 episode 3 has opened Pandora’s box of wonderments, questions, and excitement among the fandom. With so many widely anticipated moments, the episode was packed with stellar instances that prove House of the Dragon is one of the best television shows out there right now. Showrunner Ryan Condal has assured great things for the ongoing scene and he seems to be delivering well on each promise.

However, there’s one particular scene that surprised fans beyond anything else. We were convinced that we would not be getting any flashback scenes in season 2. Moreover, we assumed that it was the end of Milly Alcock’s portrayal of Rhaenyra. But somehow, the latest episode of House of the Dragon proved us wrong.

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Ryan Condal confronts the Harrenhal cameo question

Ryan Condal talks about how Milly Alcock's Season 2 Harrenhal cameo was kept a secret

Credits: Max

Daemon’s arrival at Harrenhal, one of the biggest castles of Westeros, is taken in Lord Strong’s stride. He immediately pledges fealty to Rhaenyra and bends the knee. However, Daemon is still apprehensive of their calm demeanor and chooses to remain wary of their actions.

After everyone goes to sleep, Daemon ventures into the darkness only to find a vision of a young Rhaenyra sewing the head back on murdered Jaehaerys. The poignant scene managed to ignite a gasp of surprise in all viewers.

Keeping Milly Alock’s cameo a secret would have been a tough undertaking. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Showrunner Ryan Condal shared with Entertainment Weekly,

It was very easy in terms of will. We were excited about the prospect. Milly was eager to come back and everybody was excited to have her back. She’s very busy, so it was a tricky thing to navigate around the schedule, but we essentially had her in for a couple of days right at the start of production. I think one of our greatest feats was keeping that a secret all the way through, given the fact that it happened right at the beginning.

Alcock was recently cast as Supergirl in James Gunn’s DCU. Consequently, her taking some time to shoot even one scene is commendable. It goes to show how connected she feels to House of the Dragon as a show and the role that changed her life for the better.

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