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Larys’ foot fetish was foreshadowed in House of the Dragon Episode 6



Episode 9 reveals Larys Strong’s weird fetish

We have been through battles, wars, and murders in cold blood. But nothing in Game of Thrones or its spinoff could have prepared us for the foot fetish scene in House of the Dragon episode 8. Fans found it utterly bizarre that the writers would choose to give so much screen time to such a scene. The audience had no way to expect this scene since the book Fire & Blood includes nothing of this sort. Although, there is a scene in Episode 6 which hints at Larys “Clubfoot” Strong’s foot fetish involving Queen Alicent.

This is the scene where Alicent tells Larys how she wishes her father stayed as the Hand of the King. Before they begin the conversation and Alicent joins the table, she quickly removes her footwear. This would have been considered an insignificant detail if not for the events of episode 9. Larys takes in the view as he tries to engage in a conversation. Alicent seems unaware of any ulterior motives vis-à-vis her feet in this episode. This makes us wonder when this ‘showing-feet-for-information’ exchange first took place. And how did it become almost routine-like over the six years between episodes 6 and 9?

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