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Is Larys Strong a greenseer in House of the Dragon?



Larys Strong

Larys Strong is the new Littlefinger served with a side of Master of Whisperers in House of the Dragon. Larys knows that he will not be the realm’s greatest knight with his clubfoot. So, he uses his mastery of manipulation to make his way into Queen Alicent’s inner circle. We have seen Varys interacting with his network of “little birds” in Game of Thrones, and Mysaria, also known as the White Worm, employs her own network of spies. But it is unclear how Larys has so much information. One theory from YouTuber Joe Magician explains this, suggesting he is a greenseer.

?Larys Strong: Spymaster and Greenseer of the Weirwoods

Greenseers are people who possess the magical ability to look into a time and place where they aren’t physically present. Like Bran Stark, one of the greatest greenseers of his time who could tap into the past, future, or even look through ravens’ eyes. Greenseers can also look through the faces of weirwood trees that were carved into heart trees. And coincidentally, we have seen many vital conversations featuring Rhaenyra and Alicent around that tree. While there is no proof of Larys being a greenseer in the book Fire & Blood, there was no heart tree in the Red Keep either.

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Blood of the First Men


The royal seat of House Strong is Harrenhal, said to be cursed. Every family which occupies the fortress has had misfortune befall them. The Strong children grew up here, across the Isle of Faces, with God’s Eye lake between them. We have never seen it in the show, but the Isle of Faces is a grove of sacred heart trees. There, the Children of the Forest and the First Men made their peace 10,000 years ago after generations of war. The priests of the grove, Green Men, employ a thick magical mist to prevent outsiders. But, people with the blood of the First Men can allegedly cross the supernatural boundary.

House Strong is one of the houses which descends from the First Men. Brynden Rivers, the three-eyed raven, had the blood of Targaryens and Blackwoods. The Starks, Blackwoods, and Strongs have the blood of the First Men and hence are connected to the Old Gods. And so far in George R.R. Martin‘s universe, the gift of greensight is only given to such people. It might be possible that Larys was able to cross the threshold of Isle of Faces and touch a heart tree or gain insight from the Green Men to tap into his magical abilities.

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Rats in the Red Keep


Lyonel Strong appointed his son Larys as a confessor in the Red Keep. Confessors extract information from prisoners and criminals, and Larys seems to have picked up a few traits. By working as a confessor, he has intimate knowledge of the underground pathways inside the castle and a plethora of intelligence. The number of rats we see over the episodes has fans guessing whether Larys can skin-change into a rat and eavesdrop on private happenings. After all, rats are the symbol of snitches, or perhaps, the pests are a set-up for another storyline?

Like Brandon Stark, he must utilize his other skills to compensate for his lack of physical prowess. His being a greenseer might explain how he knew of the argument between Alicent and Rhaenyra near the weirwood tree. Also, one of Lyonel’s bastard daughters (half-sister to Larys), Alys Rivers, was well known as the Witch of Harrenhal. If his sister could have tapped into her magical powers, is it possible that Larys did too? Even if Larys is a greenseer, it does not necessarily turn the tides in the Greens’ favor. Larys is loyal to no one, and when the time comes, he will use the information to look out for only himself.

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What do you think of this theory?

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