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John Bradley opens up on the possibility of Samwell Tarly appearing in Jon Snow spinoff




HBO has long discussed pushing deeper into the Martinverse, even before the original series ended, so the idea of Game of Thrones offshoot projects is not new. Nonetheless, just a handful of them have been executed, while others have been canceled at various points in time. Fans have long waited to see their favorite characters return in a sequel program. John Bradley recently discussed his character Samwell Tarly’s reappearance in one of them.

Will Sam return in SNOW?

Samwell Tarly is one of the most beloved characters in Game of Thrones. And fans know a Jon Snow spinoff won’t work without Sam in it. Hence in a recent interview with, he was asked: “what was more likely, definitive proof of alien life, or a reunion between Sam and Jon?” To which he replied:

“Well, one of those things is more in my own hands than the other, I should say. But it depends what you want more. What would you prefer? I am at your service. What would you prefer? I think one thing can’t be any more impossible than anything else. It’s either impossible or it isn’t though … The distance between possible and impossible is massive.”


What John Bradley thinks happened to Sam after Game of Thrones Season 8

Many people have been curious about what occurred in Westeros after Bran assumed the throne of the Six Kingdoms for a long time. Though the sequel, SNOW, is under development, it has not yet received the go-ahead, leaving us with only conjectures. In a previous interview, Bradley presented his own hypothesis,

“It feels it, when you leave Sam in that chamber with Davos, and Bram, and Tyrion and all of those people, that he’s finally in a position where the skills that he has, and his expertise are finally being valued. And he can actually have an impact on the wider world.

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He was never going to be able to influence things on the battlefield or in the military, or any of that stuff. But he’s found a place where what he brings to the table is respected and valued. And that’s all he ever wanted.”

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