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Here’s what John Bradley thinks happened to Sam after Bran became the King




Many loyal fans of the program are still troubled by the controversy surrounding Game of Thrones season 8. Though HBO’s commercially successful mint film was no longer being filmed nearly four years ago, discussions about it have not stopped. However, there are still a lot of people who want to know what happened to the characters after that controversial finale, including John Bradley, whose character, Samwell Tarly, was one of the very few survivors.

What might’ve happened to Sam after Season 8 finale

For years, many fans have wondered about what happened in Westeros after Bran became the King of the Six Kingdoms. While we do have the sequel, SNOW, in the works, it has yet to be greenlit, so all we’re left with are speculations. In an interview with Cherwell, Bradley put forth his own theory,

“It feels it, when you leave Sam in that chamber with Davos, and Bram, and Tyrion and all of those people, that he’s finally in a position where the skills that he has, and his expertise are finally being valued. And he can actually have an impact on the wider world.

He was never going to be able to influence things on the battlefield or in the military, or any of that stuff. But he’s found a place where what he brings to the table is respected and valued. And that’s all he ever wanted.”


John Bradley brought reality to his role

Bradley also went into depth about how even in a fantasy role he tried to bring realism, “Even if it is a fantasy show, I always try and make it as real as possible. I don’t think I ever made my performance in Game of Thrones, a fantasy performance.

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I tried to make it real because there are a lot of heightened performances going on. So, the stuff that I did, I tried to make as real, and as small, and as credible, and as unshowy, as possible. And I think I always bring that to it. So, the way I went about performing it doesn’t really differ.”

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