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Exclusive: House of the Dragon Season 2 to end with a spectacular battle that might dwarf Battle of the Blackwater

Our source reveals what to expect from House of the Dragon Season 2’s big battle sequence.



House of the Dragon Season 2 to end with a spectacular battle that might dwarf Battle of the Blackwater

We recently shared important information from House of the Dragon Season 2 about two important characters returning. Now the Little Birds in Westeros have shared with Wiki of Thrones information about the plans and readiness of the mighty Team Black, led by Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen. From Harrenhaal to King’s Landing, Rhaenyra will conquer everything in her way until she gets the revenge she deserves. Fans can prepare themselves to see two epic battles in House of the Dragon season 2, as confirmed by Ryan Condal.

The first battle is going to happen at Rook’s Rest as Ser Criston Cole takes the lead among the Greens and Rhaenys Targaryen fights against Aegon II and Aemond with their dragons. She dies, while Aeon II gets seriously injured. Moreover, our source has informed us that we don’t get to see the Sack of Duskendale and that it’s only a mere aftermath of the sack.

Coming to the much anticipated second battle in House of the Dragon season 2, we have found out that it is going to be The Fall of King’s Landing. Read on to know more about this epic battle that might cap the second season of House of the Dragon.

We caution you against spoilers as the next few bits of information are hot off the press. Proceed at your own risk.

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Daemon Targaryen captures Harrenhal in House of the Dragon Season 2

Daemon Targaryen at Harrenhal - House of the Dragon Season 2

Credits: Max

Our tipster has revealed some interesting snippets that we will get to see in House of the Dragon season 2. Daemon reaches Harrenhal to capture it and we have seen that part during the trailer when he lands his dragon Caraxes on a tower of Harrenhal. Capturing Harrenhal is rather easy for Daemon as Ser Simon Strong yields the castle with close to no resistance and subsequently, even House Bracken submits to the Blacks.

Without any substantial allies, the Greens are faced with an adverse situation in the Riverlands. Daemon amasses troops in the camps below the walls of Harrenhal from all around the Riverlands and we have found out that in Episode 7 we’ll see the troops from the houses Mallister, Strong, Piper, Vance, Tully, Darry, Bracken, and Blackwood stationed there, and at the end of Episode 7, Daemon is seen inspecting the readiness of his Riverlands army before any major battle occurs.

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Rhaenyra Targaryen flies to Harrenhal

We have also been informed that Rhaenyra will fly to Harrenhal to plan out the attack on King’s Landing with Daemon, and we’ve seen previous set leaks supporting this information that has been provided to us.

This happens at the beginning of Episode 8 as Rhaenyra coordinates the actions of the Blacks and plans out the attack on King’s Landing with Daemon. She meets there with certain Riverlords and after all of it is done, she returns to Dragonstone.

Aemond Targaryen re-captures Harrenhal

Those who have read the books know that Aemond becomes the Prince Regent after Aegon II gets injured during the Battle at Rook’s Rest and being an impulsive person, he decides to re-capture Harrenhal and takes Ser Criston Cole with him, leaving King’s Landing defenseless.

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Our source tells us that once Aemond reaches Harrenhal, he finds that Daemon and Rhaenyra have already left it. Here comes the interesting aspect as we have a semi-confirmed tip that suggests even the Rivermen head towards King’s Landing. This piece of information gained more credibility after HBO released a promo where Daemon says, “We march on King’s Landing and take the throne.”

In the books, the Rivermen don’t participate in the battle of King’s Landing. So it will be interesting if we get to see this happening in season 2.

The Fall of King’s Landing in House of the Dragon Season 2


Credits: Jota Saraiva

Some details that we have received entail characters who participate in the battle. These include Alyn of Hull, Gwayne Hightower, Hugh Hammer, Daemon, and Rhaenyra among others. Lord Corlys leads the Velaryon Fleet from Driftmark aboard his flagship, The Sea Snake and multiple dragonriders atop their dragons are also said to be present, which will make this battle one big spectacle!

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This is going to be the other big battle we’re going to see this season, and is going to be larger than the one that happens at Rook’s Rest. Our source has revealed that The Fall of King’s Landing is set to be as intense as the Battle of Blackwater Bay from Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9, and definitely on a larger scale, with the battle taking place in the sky, on land, and at sea.

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We have been told that the season ends with the Blacks capturing King’s Landing and we won’t get to see the aftermath of the battle. This seems like an interesting way to end the season. So buckle up!
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