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House of The Dragon Season 2 officially begins filming today in Spain



Ser Criston Cole at the royal wedding

The filming of Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving forward at full speed! In the past couple of days, we have already seen pictures of the sets, and might even get a glimpse at the shooting itself thanks to thousands of curious fans trying to get a sneak peek at the production in Cáceres and Trujillo.

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Fabien Frankel (Criston Cole) takes centre stage

As the official filming begins today, locals were able to spot several actors and extras in full costume parading through the streets of Cáceres. Fabien Frankel (Criston Cole) was seen leading the parade, being the Lord Commander of Aegon II’s army.

Meleys’ head being paraded in Trujillo

In another one of the pics, the Green soldiers are seen parading with a CGI prop on a carriage, which is most likely the severed head of the dragon Meleys. As we previously reported, this funeral procession takes place after Rhaenys and her dragon Meleys are killed in battle against Aegon II and Aemond.

Filming for House of The Dragon Season 2 will take place in May in Cáceres and Trujillo

The city council of both the Spanish cities is already flowing Targaryen flags to welcome the cast and crew of House of The Dragon. According to the Twitter account House the Dragons, filming in Cáceres and Trujillo will start on May 18th and should last about a week. Local newspapers have also reported that HBO has already booked 100 hotel rooms for the team.

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