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House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 2 likely to have an iconic, gruesome arc from the books

Get ready for Blood and Cheese.



Credits: Max

With House of the Dragon Season 2 just around the corner, fans are ecstatic, discussing all the possible scenarios we may see in the coming episodes. Since the series is based on George R.R. Martin’s novel Fire and Blood, many fans already expect what they will see and how things will turn out. In its promotional campaign, Max drew special attention to a shocking event that we will likely see at the beginning of Season 2. This event was caused by the two assassins, Blood and Cheese, who show up in multiple trailers and promos for House of the Dragon Season 2.

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Who are Blood and Cheese in House of the Dragon?

Helaena Targaryen - Blood and Cheese House of the Dragon Season 2

Credits: Max

Blood is a watchman serving in the City Watch of King’s Landing, played by Sam C. Wilson. According to the description, he is ‘large, tough, and very tall, with a willingness to use violence’. In the casting calls, he was nicknamed “Boris” and said to have comedic talent.

In “Fire & Blood,” Blood is a swordsman in the City Watch who loses his position after killing a woman in a drunken rage. Later, he lived in Flea Bottom. In one of the trailers, we see someone similar to Daemon talking to a Gold Cloak, who might be Blood.

Cheese is a servant in the Red Keep, played by Mark Stobbart. His codename was “Charlie C” in the casting call. In the books, Cheese was a rat catcher in the Red Keep. He knew about secret passages ordered by King Maegor Targaryen.

Daemon Targaryen and Mysaria hired the two to infiltrate the Red Keep and assassinate a royal family member. This was revenge for the killing of Lucerys Velaryon by Aemond Targaryen. Though their actual target is unknown, they killed King Aegon II’s son Jaehaerys, sending Queen Helaena deep into grief.

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Will we see Blood and Cheese in Episode 2?


Credits: Max

From various sources, we know that the scenes involving Blood and Cheese will happen across two episodes. Speculation leads us to believe that Episode 1 will end with the revelation of their targets.

Episode 2 will likely begin with the young prince’s murder in Helaena’s room. The rest of the episode will possibly cover the aftermath of the events.

The trailers revealed Daemon saying his famous line from the book: a son for a son. This may mean Blood and Cheese’s real target was King Aegon II, the son of Queen Alicent. Recently released stills of the behind-the-scenes show a shot where Blood encounters Aegon.

Aegon lounges on the Iron Throne with some of his lackeys while Blood peers at him from a hiding spot. This could lead to two different possibilities. One is that Aegon was the assassins’ real target.

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When the assassins saw Aegon surrounded by other people, they realised that they could not assassinate him undetected. Perhaps they then decided to kill one of Aegon’s sons to fulfil the ‘son for a son’ words uttered by Daemon. The second possibility is that they encountered them on the way to Helaena’s room.

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