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House of the Dragon Episode 3 speeds through a major war



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The newest episode of House of the Dragon lived up to its predecessor’s reputation in terms of gore. Even though the show wrapped up this war within one episode, the War for the Stepstones lasted 9 years in the books. There is a three-year time jump since the last episode which can not possibly signify the tribulations both sides went through in this war.

War for the Stepsones in the books vs the show

steve toussaint

The War for the Stepstones was supposed to be a major struggle for Daemon, and Corlys Velaryon’s forces in the book. The combined forces lost several men, won and lost many battles, and one episode barely does it justice. In the book, they receive support from the King only in the form of gold. But in the show, the Rogue Prince beats the messenger mercilessly as he receives the word of his brother is finally sending some much-needed military help.

This didn’t go too well with him because the prince didn’t want to share the win with the King. The Triarchy (Crabfeeder and his allies, their army, and fleets) was holed up in a very secure location, and the company needed to make a risky play to draw them out. Who else would be the man for the job if not the Rogue Prince?

Unlike the book where Daemon and his dragon Caraxes end up roasting the enemies, we see Laenor Velaryon on his dragon, Seasmoke, a new addition. In the show, Daemon secures the victory as he seeks out and slashes Crabfeeder in half with his Valyrian steel sword, Dark Sister. Crabfeeder’s fate has become the same as that of his victims. Daemon leaves the mangled body of Crabfeeder on the shore of the Stepstones.

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The victory will bring Daemon power and Corlys some peace of mind. But will the speeding up of the plot cause trouble in the overall timeline? What do you think?

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