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House of The Dragon Episode 2 teases a major war to come




Game of Thrones was famous for its gory, brutal and detailed battle sequences, and it seems House of The Dragon will be following down the same route. The highly awaited second episode is finally here, with a new intro in all its bloody glory. The most recent episode of the prequel series set the stage for an important battle to come, which will be just as bloody, if not more, than the Battle of Bastards in Game of Thrones.

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The episode begins with a view of a shore that belongs to the islands known as The Stepstones. It is lined with smoking ships, dead bodies, and crabs. Several pictures of this sequence were leaked online during the days of its shoot, but now it has become clearer as to what it was.


The masked person who is seen hammering the victims to a pole to be fed by crabs is known as Craghas Drahar, aka Craghas Crabfeeder, a former Myrrish admiral who has taken charge of The Stepstones. His presence, along with the pirates in the area, is causing trouble for the merchant ships, something Lord Corlys Velaryon doesn’t take too kindly.

Sick of the King’s attitude and his vessels getting sunk regularly, coupled with the King’s rejection of his daughter Laena causes him to retract and call for help in the form of Daemon Targaryen, his closest friend and an ally he shares a mutual respect with. During the end of the episode, we see the two scheming on their own to take hold of The Stepstones, which definitely won’t be an easy task without the King’s help.

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