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House of the Dragon Episode 10 will introduce Vermithor, the second biggest dragon



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By the release of episode 9 of House of the Dragon, we have not even seen half of the seventeen dragons set to feature in the series. One of the dragons we’ll see in the next episode is the second largest dragon alive, Vhagar being the first. He is Vermithor, the dragon of King Jaehaerys I. Episode 10 preview gives us a sneak peek into just how giant Vermithor is. He emerges from the shadows before Daemon, who looks tiny compared to him.

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Season 1 Episode 10 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

Vermithor is known as the Bronze Fury because of his bronze wings. And he is almost a hundred years old. After Jaehaerys’ death, he remained riderless and made a lair in one of the smoking caverns of Dragonmont. Dragonmont is an active volcano on Dragonstone, which is where Daemon might have ventured into in the preview. The Rogue Prince might be trying to gain the next big dragon for the Blacks before the Greens find him. Vermithor will play a significant role in the coming seasons. Among the many future battles involving the dragons, Vermithor will feature in multiple of them.

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