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House of the Dragon Season 1 finale removed Syrax from the ending scene




The prequel spinoff to Game of Thrones has had an undeniably successful first season. The audience has consistently loved every episode of House of the Dragon, even its deleted scenes. One such scene hints at the original ending planned by episode 10 director Greg Yaitanes, storyboarded by Adam Pescott.

The scene outlines Daemon Targaryen entering the Dragonstone Throne Room with Rhaenyra on the throne. He walks up to her and delivers the news of Lucerys’ death, and she lets out a scream. Then Daemon looks at her and sees the smoldering look of fury in her eyes. The scene shifts to Syrax emerging from the shadows. First seen in the official trailer of House of the Dragon season 1, the magnificently detailed Syrax scene, unfortunately, did not make the cut.

Like the storyboard shows, the House of the Dragon trailer had a scene where we could see Syrax. However, we didn’t see that scene in Season 1, which means it was a scene specifically shot for the ending, which was then deleted from the season. Click on the trailer below to watch the deleted scene featuring Syrax.

House of the Dragon | Official Trailer | HBO Max

The silence of the final scene delivered as much, if not more, emotions as the scream would have. The dialogue-less last shot was Matt Smith’s idea. Although we would have loved to see the close-up of Syrax, closing with Rhaenyra’s fuming expression was the perfect note to close the season on. After fighting the whole episode to keep the peace in the Kingdom, she declares war with just one look at the camera.

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