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House of the Dragon deleted scenes between Rhaenyra and Alicent show a necessary confrontation




House of the Dragon is full of family drama and tension. And, of course, there will be drama if your best friend is about to become your new stepmother. After Viserys announces his decision to marry Alicent, we never really see their immediate interaction with each other, just cold exchanges in the later episodes. Fortunately, the director of episodes 2 and 3, Greg Yaitanes, shared a few stills from the deleted scenes on his Instagram. He writes, “two scenes that unfortunately didn’t make it into the final cut, the aftermath fight between @millyalcock and @theemilycarey — both were quite powerful.”

rhaenyra in a heated argument with a teary eyed alicent

Rhaenyra argues with a teary-eyed Alicent

In the first deleted scene, we see them in the same clothes as in the scene where Viserys announces his decision to marry Alicent. Rhaenyra is understandably fuming and upset, but Alicent is also visibly heartbroken. And somewhere, she knows that her and Rhaenyra’s friendship will never be the same. This scene would have offered a great insight into how both of them feel. It would have been an incredibly raw and dynamic scene seeing how amazing both the actresses are.

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Rhaenyra helping Alicent get ready for her wedding

The second scene shows Rhaenyra helping Alicent get ready for her wedding. The director writes, “This scene mirrored the scene in episode 1 where @theemilycarey was dressing @millyalcock — now reversed with heartache.” We remember how in episode 1, they seemed inseparable and full of light. In the deleted scene, the pain is clear as day on both of their faces. The surroundings mimic their emotions as the scene occurs in a dark room. It feels devoid of the celebratory air that comes with a wedding.

Tania Tyatyambo Couper, the show’s makeup artist, shared close-ups of Alicent’s gorgeous hair and makeup on her Instagram. In the caption, she added, “The dress, the hair, the tiara ….. such a shame it didn’t make the edit …. Cutting room floor… sad times,”. The makeup is natural and simple, but the costume details are immaculate. The dress features dragon wings, while the tiara is adorned with white, gray, and red jewels, the color of House of Hightower’s sigil.

Alicent's wedding hair and make up

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We understand why Alicent’s wedding scenes were cut since another royal wedding is coming up soon. Instead, we would have loved to see the scene where Rhaenyra confronts Alicent. The episode feels slightly incomplete without that interaction, but we can imagine what they would have said to each other. But we are glad we got a sneak peek from the director and the makeup artist. Now we can only hope they release the deleted scenes.

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