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Why did Daemon Targaryen sing to Vermithor in House of The Dragon Episode 10?



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The final episode of Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon had everything that makes the franchise so special, amazing sceneries, beautiful sets, detailing in costumes, heartrending performances, and of course, the dragons. The tenth episode not only introduced us to the Black Council, but also to a new dragon, and not just any dragon. We see a brief glimpse of the Bronze Fury, Vermithor, the third largest dragon in Westeros to ever exist, after Balerion and Vhagar themselves.

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While Rhaenyra attends to the Black Council, Daemon goes out on his own to one of the smoking caverns of the Dragonmont, where Vermithor has resided ever since his first rider, King Jaehaerys I died. Daemon goes in style, a bit reminiscent of Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones when he goes to free Daenerys’ dragons. However, Daemon does something very peculiar. He enters the lair singing to the dragon in Valyrian.


Why does Damon sing while entering Vermithor’s lair? There is no official information about Vermithor’s before 48 AC, when he accepted a young Jaehaerys as his rider. Though Jaehaerys loved his dragon, he rarely used him to threaten his enemies, as he had few. However, Taragryens have been known to have their own art and culture, and Jaehaerys was more of a wise man than a warrior, who also reveled in songs, literature, and art.

Daemon and Viserys, being his grandchildren, must have spent some time with King Jaehaerys, and it is possible they could have picked up on some of his habits. It is quite possible what Daemon is doing in the season finale is something he saw Jaehaerys do when he was young. He tries it as a way to calm the dragon while approaching him, hoping to make him a bit more docile for a new rider.

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