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George R.R. Martin teased Aegon’s Dream more than three years ago



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When it comes to fantasy, very few come close to the amazing world-building ability of George R. R. Martin. And just as we are a fan of Martin’s work, Martin is a fan of perfection, one of the reasons why his next book in the ASOIAF series ‘Winds of Winter’ is taking so long. So when he got the chance to work with his “superfan” Ryan Condal in the upcoming prequel House of The Dragon, he made sure to include a few particular details in the new HBO Max adaptation.

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One of the newer revelations that were made in the premiere episode of House of The Dragon shocked quite a lot of fans. Aegon’s Dream, as Viserys stated it, created a direct link between Game of Thrones and its prequel, which made the controversial final season somewhat even more infuriating for the fans.

As a matter of fact, Martin teased Aegon’s Dream more than three years ago, and back then it did not seem to click as much with the audience. But now, with the introduction of House of The Dragon, the prophecy feels more relevant than ever.

Martin said in an older interview at the Random House, “Aegon finally decided to take over Westeros and unify the seven kingdoms that existed at the time under a single rule. There was a lot of speculation that in some sense he saw what was coming, 300 years later. And wanted to unify the seven kingdoms to be better prepared for the threat that he eventually saw coming from the North. The threat we are dealing with in A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Does this mean House of The Dragon was already in the talks way back in 2018? Was Aegon’s dream always the true vision in Martin’s lore? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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