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HBO releases new behind-the-scenes pictures from the Battle of Bastards




The Battle of the Bastards was a battle of epic proportions and it left the fans stunned! Game of Thrones fans were left gasping for breath as they watched Ramsay gain the upper hand in the battle and almost defeat Jon Snow and his army with a better battle strategy. We admit that he didn’t play fair but as they say, “Anything is fair in love and war,” and Ramsay made sure that he used Rickon Stark as bait to lure Jon Snow into his trap and break apart his battle strategy. Everything seemed to be lost, when Petyr Baelish appeared with the forces of the Vale of Arryn and they crushed Ramsay’s army in a spectacular style.

The official Game of Thrones Instagram posted a few never before seen snaps from the filming of Battle of Bastards. Have a look right below:

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It has been over 6 years since the Battle of Bastards was aired, and it still remains to this day one of the top-notch examples of quality TV entertainment. It was undoubtedly one of Game of Thrones’ best episode, winning multiple awards for its cinematography. Miguel Sapochnik, who directed the episode, went on to co-create House of The Dragon with Ryan Condal, and we can see glimpses of his art style in the prequel.

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