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House of The Dragon linguist David J. Peterson recalls writing Daemon’s Song to Vermithor



Daemon facing Vermithor

House of The Dragon Season 1 combined the best of everything we have come to love about the Game of Thrones franchise. Love, lust, loss, fear, blood, deception, and dragons. Not only did the prequel features a lot more dragon, but we also have a lot more dialogues in High Valyrian compared to the original series. Creating and working with a new language is never an easy task, albeit a fictional one. High Valyrian was developed entirely for the TV shows, and looking at how effective they seem in conveying the emotions from the book to the adaptation, we can say for sure linguist David J. Peterson definitely deserves a pat on the back for his work.

One of the most memorable High Valyrian sequences from Season 1 of House of The Dragon was the song Daemon Targaryen, played by Matt Smith, sings to calm down the dragon, Vermithor. Talking about its creation, Peterson recalled, as reported by Los Siete Reinos, “This is the song Daemon is singing. Ti [Mikkel] wrote the original English lyrics, which were three stanzas. I made sure they worked in Valyrian and added a fourth stanza to help clean things up, as more words were required to get the meaning that was packed into the original English. It was nice to hear it sung so clearly!”

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