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George R.R. Martin is “juggling eight different projects” right now



george r r martin updates on winds of winter a song of ice and fire

George R. R. Martin has always been a busy man, and his schedule tightened a lot after the release of the Game of Thrones TV show, so much so that the series continued further than what he had written. Now that the show is over, he is still writing Winds of Winter, while also working on Game of Thrones spinoff shows, one of them being the Jon Snow sequel with Kit Harington. However, he has his priorities set straight, and it appears The Winds of Winter is on the top of his list.

Is George R.R. Martin still writing Winds of Winter?

Yes, even though he is having a hard time finishing it. In his most recent interview with filmmaker Kevin Smith, Martin confessed, “[W]hen you’re writing a novel, it doesn’t come quite as often, and when you’re writing this gigantic, seven-volume kind of thing…I really wanna get to that point where I can finish it and it’ll be done and good, that’ll feel good for at least a day, until I reread it the next day and decide it’s all s*it.”

George R. R. Martin The Simpsons gag The Winds of Winter

What is George R.R. Martin currently working on?

Martin revealed he is always working on 8 different projects at a time. He said, “I’m always juggling like eight different projects here. We’re doing more successor shows to Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon. We’re developing a Wild Cards show. Dark Winds, I’m executive producer on that, that’s on. That’s on AMC, we’re working on the second season of that now.” 

When is Winds of Winter coming out?

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Martin didn’t say anything about how much he has written so far; last we know he was writing some chapters involving Tyrion Lannister. “There are writers who love the simple act of writing, and there are other writers…who love having written,” he said. “It’s great when it’s done, and when it’s not done, you struggle with ever you can really do it.”

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