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George R.R. Martin’s ‘In The Lost Lands’ starring Milla Jovovich enters post-production



Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin has been building his fantasy world since the ’90s. And it’s ever-growing. And the fandom grows along with it, welcoming new audiences through the shows – Game of Thrones, and its prequel, House of The Dragon. The world of Westeros isn’t the only fictional place he has created, there are lots more. Martin’s Night of The Cooters recently won the ‘Best Science Fiction Short’ at the LA Shorts International Film Festival. Another one of Martin’s works is getting a film adaptation, and it is very close to being on the silver screen.

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Martin recently announced on his blog, Not A Blog, that a film adaptation of his novel In the Lost Lands has entered the post-production phase. He wrote:

“I wanted to write six or eight or ten Gray Alys stories, then put them all together in a collection… or perhaps a “fix up” novel. That was a common approach back in those days. And one I used myself with another character, Haviland Tuf. I wrote a series of Tuf stories, then an interstitial to bridge them all together, and published them as TUF VOYAGING.

Alas, for whatever reason, I never wrote that second Gray Alys story. (I did begin one, long ago. Got two pages, I think, then set it aside, and never returned to it). Why? Damned if I know. It was a long time ago. I always liked the character, though.

That’s why it thrills me to announce that she will soon be appearing on the big screen. IN THE LOST LANDS, the movie, wrapped filming in Poland a few weeks ago! Paul W.S. Anderson, director of MONSTER HUNTER, EVENT HORIZON, and the RESIDENT EVIL series, helmed the picture. Milla Jovovich stars as Gray Alys, and Dave Bautista as Boyce. Constantin Werner (PAGAN QUEEN) served as writer and producer.

We’ve just started the post-production process, and there’s a lot of special effects and other work yet to do, so IN THE LOST LANDS likely won’t be appearing at your local cinema until some time in 2024.”

Martin is also looking forward to doing a graphic novel if the film is successful. Are you excited about Martin’s In the Lost Lands? Talk to us in the comments below!

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