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George R.R. Martin meets up with his ‘The Winds of Winter’ publisher



george rr martin winds of winter

The highly awaited sequel to George R. R. Martin‘s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, The Winds of Winter, might have a release date on the horizon. More than 12 years have passed since the release of the most current book in the Game of Thrones series, which was released in 2011. Despite his occasional updates, a lot of his admirers are growing impatient with him since it is taking him too long to finish. His recent update will bring a smile to the faces of his ardent followers.

George R.R. Martin met up with his British publisher

Martin is quite aware that he is several years (over a decade) behind his schedule. He has been making slow progress on his magnum opus, and it seems like finally he has gotten to a place where he can actually talk about publishing it. He recently wrote on his blog, Not A Blog:

“I also found time to meet with my British publisher, and my other British publisher, to talk WILD CARDS and A SONG OF ICE & FIRE and (of course) THE WINDS OF WINTER.”

George R. R. Martin visited the set of House of the Dragon

Martin recently paid a visit to the Pond in London Towne for two-and-a-half weeks. Apart from talking to his publisher, he also took a trip to the sets used for House of the Dragon. He wrote:

“I also spent three days with HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. Starting with a visit to the studio where HOT D is being shot. (I had originally planned to visit there months ago, but the WGA strike put an end to that, and instead I stayed here in Santa Fe, working on WINDS OF WINTER and walking a picket line). All I have to say about that is… ohmigod! I am no stranger to film sets.

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I have worked off and on in television and film since 1986, where I joined the staff of the TWILIGHT ZONE revival at CBS. I still recall the rush where I saw them building Stonehenge on the sound stage behind my office, for an episode I’d written. And of course I visited the GAME OF THRONES shoots in Belfast, Scotland, Morocco, and Malta. Those were incredible too. But nothing I have ever seen can compare with the Red Keep and Dragonstone sets they have built at Leavesden Studios in London.”

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