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George R.R. Martin announces the release date of ‘Dark Winds’




George R. R. Martin is a name generally associated with the highly popular TV series, Game of Thrones, as its creator. However, he is expanding his working area. His skills now include helping to bring other famous novels to life as well. The writer is now an executive producer for AMC’s upcoming TV show ‘Dark Winds‘. He’s tagging along with Graham Roland and Robert Redford and recently announced the release date for the upcoming fantasy series.

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Martin wrote on his blog Not A Blog:


“It is June 6 as I type this. Next weekend, JUNE 12, will see the debut of DARK WINDS on AMC and AMC+.

Yes, it has “Winds” in the title. No, it has nothing to do with Westeros. C’mon, guys, I did not invent the word, and I am not the first writer to use it in a title.

DARK WINDS is an adaptation of Tony Hillerman’s bestselling series of novels about Navajo tribal policemen Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee. I had the honor of serving as an executive producer on the project (‘EP’ in television speak) and helped to get it up and running… but really, most of the credit should go to Robert Redford and Chris Eyre, two of my fellow EPs. Chris also directed four of this season’s six episodes. Lots of other good folks deserve kudos too, among them the tireless Tina Elmo, writer Graham Roland who scripted our pilot, and our amazing cast.

DARK WINDS premiered last weekend at the ATX television festival in Austin, to great success. This weekend we had a cast and crew screening here in Santa Fe, and that went very well too.”

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