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Fans react to Daemon getting aggressive with Rhaenyra in House of the Dragon season 2 promo



Credits: Max

In one of the recent promo videos, we see Matt Smith explaining what went on behind the scenes to bring out a new side in Daemon’s character. As the war intensifies, so does the rivalry between Team Black and Team Green. Rhaenyra and Alicent will not back down from the claim and will do everything to win the war.

As emotions are on the brink and people are breaking down under the pressure of the war, the promo shows Daemon getting angry at Rhaenyra in the House of the Dragon season 2 promo. One clip from the promo has gone viral for how aggressive Daemon seems against Rhaenyra.

Moreover, the second official trailer of the show highlighted a moment where the married couple is embroiled in a heated discussion. Rhaenyra asks Daemon if he accepts her as the heir to the throne. To make the situation worse, Daemon pauses and doesn’t answer the question in the trailer.

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Fan reactions to aggressive Daemon in House of the Dragon season 2


Credits: Max

From memes to posts that talk about Daemon’s toxic habits, social media is buzzing with comments about the Targaryen Prince. Fans are uniting to protect their queen and asking Daemon to back off. However, there are some who are claiming that Rhaenyra knew what she was getting into. As a child, she had seen Daemon behave angrily and she could not expect that to change overnight.

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Episode 10 of House of the Dragon season 1 showcased a brutal scene where Daemon ends up choking Rhaenyra. Fans believe this aggressive quality will continue as the tension in the plot increases with every episode. Moreover, if we read the books, we know that he is a short-tempered and aggressive character. He only believes in taking action and taking the situation head-on. Let’s see what House of the Dragon season 2 holds for our beloved Prince Daemon Targaryen.

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