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Daemon’s deleted scene from House of the Dragon Episode 6 makes fans angry at HBO




The newest episode of House of the Dragon left a lot of fans heartbroken as not one but three significant characters met their demise. What was even sadder was the fact that we didn’t get to spend enough time with these characters because of the time jumps. Laena Velaryon committed suicide by dragon fire in the episode.

She left behind her husband Daemon and two little girls, Rhaena and Baela. Daemon’s marriage to Laena was quite significant in shaping him to be a better person, at least in the book, Fire & Blood. But fans are upset that HBO chose to leave this important scene out of the final cut. The deleted scene showed Daemon hugging his daughters as they mourned the loss of Laena Velaryon. It was featured in a now-deleted tweet from HBO Espanol, with some behind-the-scenes snippets from the episode.


Cutting this touching scene out of the episode tells a very different narrative. It depicts Daemon as a cold, uncaring father when he in fact cherished his children. Even though people might think Daemon is cruel since he murdered his first wife, it was because neither of them loved the other.

Laena and Daemon’s marriage in the books was quite wholesome for the most part. That means Daemon is being displayed as too one-dimensional when that is not the case. Why would they choose to leave this out in the episode but tweet it later? Check out fans’ reactions below.

That’s not all the Daemon-related stuff that HBO seems to have cut from this episode as well, with another crucial scene not making it to the final cut.

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