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Here’s why Alicent’s third son Daeron Targaryen wasn’t in House of the Dragon Episode 6



where is queen alicent's other son in episode 6 of house of the dragon

Episode six of House of the Dragon gave the audience a good look at the new generation of Targaryen children. But there is one prince that we are yet to meet, Daeron Targaryen. He is the youngest child of King Viserys and Queen Alicent. According to the book, Fire & Blood, he was said to be the gentlest out of all his brothers.

Viserys made sure that he and Rhaenyra’s first child, Jacaerys, shared the same wet nurse which would make them “milk brothers.” The King hoped that this would make them have a brotherly bond as they grew up, unfortunately, that was not the case. But, where is he in the show?

Alicent's uncle, Hightowers of Oldtown

Alicent’s uncle, Hightowers of Oldtown, in episode 5 of House of the Dragon

When Daeron was twelve years old, he was sent to Alicent’s cousin, Ormund Hightower, to serve as cupbearer and squire. Lord Ormund Hightower is the head of House Hightower. He is presumably the son of Alicent’s uncle whom we see in episode 5. With Daeron’s absence from the latest episode, he might already be in Oldtown.

Although there is no news of any character cast in his role, it is unlikely that he has been cut from the series as he is also a dragon rider. His dragon, Tessarion, is confirmed to be one of the 17 dragons to be featured in the series. Since all the events in the show will lead up to the civil war, Dance of the Dragons, we will probably see Daeron later on in the series as a dragon rider and a Knight.

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