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House of the Dragon crew sets up camp in Salisbury Plain



After completing filming in Wales earlier this month, House of the Dragon is now shooting at Leavesden Studios. The Game of Thrones prequel is being filmed fast, as seen by the numerous set leaks. Being one of the few programs to survive the writers’ strike unscathed was extremely advantageous for the series. After completing filming in Wales earlier this month, the show is now doing some outdoor filming in Surrey.

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House of the Dragon to begin filming in Salisbury Plain

The past few days have seen some outside filming for House of the Dragon in Surrey. Aldershot and Bourne Woods are just two of the places we have already visited. Recently, another location was discovered: the Salisbury Plain, where Nikki Kirkman saw the team erecting a tent for filming.

Which scene will be filmed at Salisbury Plain?

We know that a part of the Battle of Rook’s Rest will be filmed in Aldershot and Bourne Woods in Surrey. And after every battle, there are surrenders and executions. The location looks very similar to when Daenerys asked the remnants of Lannister and Tarly army to bend the knee, so it might be the place where the Greens will do the same to the survivors of Rook’s Rest.

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