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Battle at Rook’s Rest comes to life in fan-made animation ahead of House of the Dragon Season 2 premiere



Sunfyre vs Meleys in Fan-made animation
Credit: Unity 5 Games

House of the Dragon Season 2 releases on June 16. The hype is very evident in how the fans are reacting all over social media and other community channels. As we get closer to the release date, more and more leaks, and fan theories are surfacing. One of these fans went out of their way to create a short animation on what the Battle at Rook’s Rest would look like. Let’s look at what the animation portrays and feel the thrill of war.

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Fan-made animation portraying Battle at Rook’s Rest

Battle at Rook's Rest | Dance of Dragons (Fan-Made Animation)

A YouTuber with the handle, Unity 5 Games committed 3 months of their time to create a short animation of the Battle at Rook’s Rest. They used leaks from the set of the second season of House of the Dragon as well as the pages of George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood as references. It seems to be very accurate based on the clips from the trailer, the houses representing the blacks and the greens, and the models of the dragons among other things.

The animation starts with the greens and the blacks charging at each other beginning the Battle at Rook’s Rest. Eventually, Rhaenys enters the battlefield on her dragon Meleys burning through the army led by Ser Criston Cole. Crossbows attack the dragon similar to those we saw in Game of Thrones shooting at Drogon. This is a trap set up by Aemond and King Aegon who then ambush Rhaenys. Instead of fleeing, Aegon on his dragon Sunfyre and Rhaenys on her dragon Meleys get into a heated battle, heavily injuring Aegon and Synfyre.

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Meanwhile, Aemond and Vhagar come to Aegon’s rescue and tear Meleys apart after burning Rhaenys to a crisp, killing both of them. After the dust settles, Aemond finds Aegon crushed under the magnificent Sunfyre who can’t move because of a torn wing. The best part was the ending which made it seem like Aemond was going to betray his brother and become king himself. This animation has many fans extremely hyped for what’s to come in the actual show. Since it follows the book, we can expect the show to go along a similar route optimizing it along the way.

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