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Daemon Targaryen loses trust in Rhaenyra in House of the Dragon season 2



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House of the Dragon season 2 is perched on the precipice of greatness. The latest Matt Smith interview by Variety also suggests the same.

The actor dives into the intricacies of his character and how Daemon Targaryen has changed from the first season. Playing such a tough and complex character must have been an uphill battle but Smith has made it look seamlessly easy. However, Daemon’s relationship with Rhaenyra is the one under duress in the latest House of the Dragon season.

Daemon and Rhaenyra’s Relationship in House of the Dragon season 2

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Credit: Max

The promos and trailers released for House of the Dragon season 2 show a certain bubble of tension clouding Daemon and Rhaenyra’s relationship. The couple ended season 1 with a massive loss as Aemond kills Rhaenyra’s son Lucerys. Moroever, their relationship also seemed to strain with Daemon choking Rhaenyra towards the end in anger. Now, with an appetite for revenge, the Blacks are gearing up to seek vengeance and take what’s rightfully theirs.

In the midst of this chaos, Daemon and Rhaenyra’s equation is going through a tough time. “We definitely meet Daemon at a point of crisis in this situation, and in many ways, it’s a different version of him,” Smith says. “It’s one that’s much weaker.

Moreover, the layers of trust and companionship between the two are also wavering. Rhaenyra has suffered a great loss, so the overlap between revenge and claiming the Iron Throne are clouding her judgment as well. Smith further reveals that they are at a point where Daemon has lost his wife’s trust. Not only does he have to regain that, but also proves his worth as a military leader and helps Rhaenyra win the war.

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Matt Smith calls shooting scenes without Emma D’Arcy “painful”

Rhaenyra and Daemon on the beach

Credits: Max

Given the incredible chemistry between Daemon and Rhaenyra, it comes as no surprise that the two actors have become great friends in real life. The suspicious attachment that they share on the screen is sheer love and admiration off the camera. In House of the Dragon season 2, Daemon is seen on the field. He is gathering allies and ensuring Rhaenyra’s win while she holds down the fort at Drargonstone for a larger part.

Hence, Smith had to shoot most of the scenes away from D’Arcy. He claimed, “It was difficult to do it without them because I love them — a person of real depth and sardonic humor and fierce intellect.

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This is not to say that Daemon and Rhaenyra will never come together in the upcoming season. As the trailer teased, there are plenty of conflicts left to resolve for the couple. We just have to wait and see how the entire situation unfolds.

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