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A famous funeral and a movie inspired the funeral scene from House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 2

You would never guess what iconic pop culture pieces inspired the funeral scene.



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The beginning of House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 2 instantly sets the tone for the entire episode. Revenge, grief, and death. Both factions are fixated on their beliefs and unwavering in their aspirations. While the Greens deal with the loss that they might fail to recover from, the Blacks question the trust and harmony amongst themselves.

On the other hand, King Aegon II is on a different tangent altogether. He first destroys the Valyrian model in his father Viserys’s room which was in fact a replica made to destroy. This is because the crew did not want to damage the beautiful 3D figure itself. Moreover, rather than grieving his son’s death, he chose to exact his revenge on the murderer and give him the justice he deserved. As every beat of the drum informed the masses of Prince Jaehaerys’s death, Aegon II’s lethal weapon bludgeoned Blood to death.

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Claire Kilner reveals inspiration behind the funeral scene of House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 2

Crafting a Royal Funeral | Behind the Scenes - S2, Ep 2 | House of The Dragon | HBO

Claire Kilner is one of the directors of House of the Dragon Season 2. With the second episode of the show, we are inching closer to the battles and more horrendous aspects of the narrative. However, before that, it was important to tailor the royal funeral scene of House of the Dragon Season 2 episode 2 to ignite a deeper emotion and showcase it for the political agenda that it was.

Kilner revealed, “The funeral, it was very exciting to get that set piece. I sort of looked into, you know, The Godfather and all those great movies that have these incredible funeral scenes. And I also– It also made me think very much about Princess Di’s funeral and how slow the cortege was. And it made me think about Alicent and Helaena being forced to be public fodder in their grief.

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Credits: Max

From the slow motion shots to the contrast of grief with deathly revenge, it is very evident in movies like The Godfather. Kilner and the crew were able to capture the beauty of that contrast in the subsequent shots that show Aegon II and the funeral procession.

Olivia Cooke and Phia Saban sang show tunes between takes

olivia cooke and phia saban

Credits: Max

Nonetheless, however gruesome the scene looked on screen, the cast assured fans that they had plenty of fun while filming it. Olivia Cooke and Phia Saban, in particular, had a blast while bringing the funeral scene come to life. The Alicent actress said, “It was a funeral, but I had so much fun. It was so much fun. I mean, me and Phia get on really well. So, like, in between takes, you know, very sad, very sad. But, like, singing, you know, show tunes, doing whatever. It was quite nice to just sit down and be, like, driven around by horse and cart.

From all the behind-the-scenes videos shared by the crew, the set of House of the Dragon Season 2 seems like the most fun place to be. The chemistry between the cast and crew is clearly evident on screen and fans can’t wait to see the magic they weave in the upcoming episodes.

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