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Aemond’s first flight on Vhagar shows why a dragon saddle is important



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Aemond Targaryen, who is currently being portrayed by Leo Ashton, is the second-born son of King Viserys I and Queen Alicent. He has an older brother, Aegon II, as well as a sister, Helaena. That being said, Aemond was first introduced to audiences in Episode 6 alongside the rest of his siblings. He is often seen as the runt of the family by his brother due to a few factors: he doesn’t have a dragon like Aegon II does, he’s unlikely to inherit the throne since he’s not the eldest son, and he’s easily picked on both physically and emotionally by those around him.


In Episode 7, during Laena’s funeral, Aemond attempts to bond with Vhagar. And it is the exact time that he takes the dragon to the sky for his first flight. That being said, while Daemon watches Aemond riding a dragon from the beach, Rhaena and Baela catches the sight from their bedroom window.


The importance of a dragon saddle is perfectly illustrated in the story of Aemond’s attempt to fly one without anchoring himself to the saddle properly. When Aemond tries to mount the dragon, it starts to get ready for flight and starts moving around a lot. This is when Aemond starts falling left and right because he fails to attach himself to the saddle. It is quite dangerous as there are only two handholds that help him stay in touch with the Dragon’s top portion. This story perfectly highlights how important it is to have a dragon saddle.

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