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Aemond Targaryen is Attack on Titan creator’s favorite House of The Dragon character




Attack on Titan has been one of the biggest anime hits of post-pandemic TV, and especially since it pulled off a Game of Thrones ending to the first half of its final season, fans are anxiously waiting for part – II to arrive. Game of Thrones has always been an inspiration for the anime’s creator, Hajime Isayama. From basing a number of his characters off of the HBO epic, to borrowing a likeness to Daenerys for Eren Yeager’s story arc, we can see it has been one of his favorite shows. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he has also watched the prequel House of The Dragon, and absolutely loved it.

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Isayama sat down with Crunchyroll news at the recent Anime NYC event, where he shared several details about Attack on Titan and the final season, as well as his love for Game of Thrones and horror films. On being asked about House of The Dragon, he said, “I watched all of the first season and really enjoyed it. Even compared to the first season of the original Game of Thrones, it was well done. I like Aemond Targaryen. I think that character’s face looks really good, as an actor.”

“I was watching it [the finale] with my wife and she’s not really about the gore scenes, so she was looking away. And so she asked ‘Oh, what happened? [I said] ‘Oh, you didn’t watch it? Here, let me rewind it for you!’. She got really mad at me.”

Do you think we will get an Aemond-inspired character in the finale of Attack on Titan? Tell us in the comments below!

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