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Matthew Needham says Larys Strong is taking revenge for his unjust treatment



Larys Strong

Fans know that the Game of Thrones franchise does not shy away from showing off sexual proclivities, and the prequel House of The Dragon is following quite closely in the footsteps of its predecessor. From trips to the Flea Bottom’s pleasure houses to the NSFW murals on the walls of the Targaryen household, the show (and the franchise in general) has depicted erotic fantasies of all kinds. One of the weirdest ones includes Ser Larys Strong, the Lord of Harrenhal, working on behalf of Alicent Hightower.

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There’s a reason why Larys does what he does in the series. In a recent interview with, actor Matthew Needham explained, “He’s a very disturbed — obviously — individual. I think he’s taking revenge on the world. That’s how I see him — he’s taking revenge on a world that has not treated him kindly in the most twisted way possible.”

“The first time you see him he’s just sitting with a group of ladies and has not said a word. He’s just sitting there. In the last scene, he’s dictating policy with the Queen. He’s going, “You need to kill these people, you need to get rid of this thing now!” He’s saying it to her as if that’s what she should do. He’s dictating policy. He just doesn’t look like he is.”

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