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Aegon II angrily destroys Viserys’ model of Old Valyria in new House of the Dragon Season 2 promo

Aegon II unleashes his fury after Blood and Cheese.



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With the release of House of the Dragon’s second season imminent, fans are getting glimpses into scenes that will take place in the upcoming season. This includes scenes revealed to the public through trailers and promos.

However, information is also being revealed through sources who attended the premieres of Season 2 in New York and Paris. Through an official HBO Max promo, we recently saw a visual of King Aegon II destroying something, which fans speculate is King Viserys’ model of Old Valyria. Read on to know more.

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Aegon destroys Viserys’ Old Valyria model

King Viserys I had a model set of old Valyria in his bedroom that featured prominently in Season 1. He told Alicent how he described it to the builders who made it for him on his command. One of the key moments of connection between Alicent and Viserys was this model of Valyria. When one of the model dragons fell from Viserys’ hand and cracked, Alicent had it repaired and returned to him.

This was a cause of connection between the two and may have influenced Viserys’ decision to marry Alicent over Laena Velaryon. Viserys, like many other Targaryen kings, longed for the glory of Old Valyria. He was the last rider of Aegon the Conqueror’s dragon, Balerion the Black Dread. After Belerion’s death, Viserys never claimed nor rode another dragon, occupying himself mainly with the kingdom’s affairs.

Though Season 1 showed Viserys obsessed with the idea of a male heir, the events of that season left him greatly changed. After losing his wife in the pursuit of a son, Viserys declared his daughter Rhaenyra as the heir to the Iron Throne. However, when he finally had not one but three sons through Alicent Hightower, he mostly neglected them. This could possibly be due to his declining health and old age.


Credits: Max

In the preview of House of the Dragon Season 2, we see his heir, Aegon II, destroying something, presumably the model of Valyria that Viserys adored so much. One of the key reasons for Aegon’s rage is likely the murder of his son by the assassins Blood and Cheese. This would explain the words he shouts ‘traitors and villains’ as Blood was a member of the City Watch while Cheese was a servant in the Red Keep.

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It is unclear why Aegon decides to destroy Viserys’ model of Valyria, but many fans speculate that one reason is resentment towards the structure, which Viserys often seemed to care more about than his actual family. With his own family now ripped apart, Aegon probably unleashes his rage on the first thing he sees in front of him. However, we have seen in the trailers that Aegon also gets a chance to channel his fury against the actual perpetrators of the crime, Blood and Cheese, when the Greens capture and torture them.

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