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HBO teases ‘Blood and Cheese’ storyline in House of the Dragon Season 2: “Fear the color gold”




House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel, is on the verge of a horrifying hurricane that will engulf all of Westeros. As is common in Game of Thrones, death and devastation will be at every turn, and fan-favorite characters will begin to fall like flies once Season 2 begins. HBO recently teased an infamous scene from Fire and Blood that will be a part of Season 2.

Daemon is organizing his Gold Cloaks

In Season 1, it was established that Daemon Targaryen formed his personal militia, the Gold Cloaks, that guards King’s Landing. The Gold Cloaks are still very loyal to Daemon Targaryen, and it has been anticipated that they will be a part of Daemon’s war campaign. A recent tweet made by the official House of the Dragon Twitter account seemingly confirms the rumor, which was captioned: “Fear the color gold”.

daemon gold cloak

Scenes involving the Gold Cloaks were shot at Leavesden Studios

Recently, Leavesden Studios served as the location for a lot of evening shots. Surprisingly, one of these sequences includes a group of Gold Cloaks close to the Red Keep. Given that he created the militia, will they be aiding Daemon in the infamous Blood & Cheese incident?

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