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Latest clip from House of The Dragon provides a glimpse at Valyria before its doom




Ever since its announcement back in 2019, House of The Dragon has been a hot topic of debate among various Game of Thrones and fantasy genre communities. Will it be as good as Game of Thrones? Will it stick to the lore? Would they ruin it like Game of Thrones Season 8? Is the prequel even necessary? Are there any other spinoffs at work? A few of those questions have been answered in the past few weeks, such as when is the release date for House of The Dragon, and a few more were explained by George R. R. Martin in the most recent episode of the Game of Thrones podcast.

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HBO recently released another video where Martin along with the showrunners and the cast explains the nature of the rivalry between House Velaryon and House Hightower. They dive deep down into the histories of each House, right from their origins, their sigils, to their history in Westeros. However one of the most intriguing features of the clip is a model that looks like the old Valyrian Freehold.

We’ve only seen the ruins of Valyria in the original series Game of Thrones, and a few fleeting images from HBO’s animated episodes about Game of Thrones’ lore. It would be really interesting if Valyria is shown in flashback sequences at the beginning of House of The Dragon, as not much is known about the destruction of the once most dominant civilization in Martin’s universe.

The Valyrian Freehold was an advanced civilization, and the dominant military and cultural power of the known world. Its capital was the city Valyria. The Freehold was ruled by the lords freeholder, powerful noble families. The most powerful of these were the dragonlords. At its prime, the Valyrian Freehold covered most of the eastern continent and stretched as far as the Free Cities and the island of Dragonstone off the coast of Westeros.

Do you think a part of Targaryen history in Valyria will be shown in House of The Dragon? Talk to us in the comments below!

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