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This fanmade animated Game of Thrones prequel gives a sneak peek into the Doom of Valyria



July 11th, 4:24am July 15th, 3:32pm Palash Volvoikar21. Goan. Full-time Geek. Failing in college while you fail in life. Staff writer at Wiki of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is a money-maker, and HBO knows that. The show has been HBO’s biggest hit yet, and it’s coming close to its end. Now, we, the fans are devastated thinking about how we’re going to deal with it, but HBO is already planning on following up the show with prequels, and there are a total of five ideas under development. Now, we all know how impatient, and creative, the Game of Thrones fandom is, and we now have a fan-made animated take on one of the most interesting events preceding the events of Game of Thrones: the Doom of Valyria, and it’s awesome!

The Doom of Valyria happens about 400 years before the events of Game of Thrones, and is very much a possible prequel series we will get. The animated fan made video comes from YouTuber Patrick McCarthy, and follows the story of characters in the Freehold of Valyria, before it went to dust. Watch it below :

The video apparently took over two years to finish, and is designed to grab HBO’s attention. We would certainly love to see HBO execs take a look at this and maybe draw some inspiration for their prequel. What do you think the prequels are going to be about? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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