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Game of Thrones’ alternate ending might be hidden in Elden Ring, says fan theory



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George R. R. Martin is still doing amazing things, even after Game of Thrones ended. Martin isn’t only working on The Winds of Winter as we all have been waiting for it to come out. The veteran author contributed his skills in crafting a mythological realm for the wildly popular video game Elden Ring, in addition to working on the prequel series House of The Dragon and other Game of Thrones spinoffs. But oftentimes, Martin’s works have a lot more than meets the eye at first glance.

Fan theory suggests Game of Thrones’ alternate ending might be in Elden Ring

Besides allegedly hiding his initials in the beloved soulslike game, a Reddit fan whose account got deleted put forth a theory connecting Game of Thrones and Elden Ring. The theory examines the legend surrounding Elden Ring and how it may serve as a covert interpretation of Martin’s intended ending by thematically mirroring A Song of Ice and Fire. It also states that A Song of Ice and Fire and Elden Ring share a similar theme, which is the fight between humanity’s power over nature.


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Similarities between A Song of Ice and Fire and Elden Ring

The natural cycle at Elden Ring is upset by Marika’s entrance. She changes customs around burial and assumes control of the Erdtree, an entity that grants life. This manipulation throws life and death out of balance, with results that are reminiscent of the Night King and his army of the undead from A Song of Ice and Fire.

The demigods, in contrast, strongly resemble the Lords of Westeros in a story that centers on a deeper struggle, as they battle for the Elden Lord title (like the Iron Throne) in their own bubble, ignorant of the greater danger.

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