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How Rhaenys’ attires reflect her mindset in House of the Dragon




In the season one finale of House of the Dragon, many groups declared their allegiances as the civil war approached. Princess Rhaenys and the Velaryons of Driftmark were among the first to wish to maintain their neutrality, nevertheless. In a very endearing fashion, we witness her ultimately come to Rhaenyra’s aid, even succeeding in persuading her husband Corlys Velaryon to join with the Black Queen. Even her costumes are reflective of that, according to a recent theory.

Princess Rhaenys’ costumes reflect her allegiance

The Emmy-winning costumes of House of the Dragon were very intricate, however, they were more than just decorative. Take, for example, the evolution of Princess Rhaenys’ attires. As a fan named u/TheTargaryensLawyer pointed out on Reddit, Rhaenys last wore her red and black attire at the Great Council of Harrenhal in 101 AC. After being rejected as the heir to the Iron Throne, she always wore her husband’s colors, the blue/sea green attire of House Velaryon. However, she wears red and black once again when she takes up arms for Rhaenyra.

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Why did Rhaenys support Rhaenyra?

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In the final episode of House of the Dragon Season 1, Rhaenyra is the only one in the Black Council of Lords and Knights who chooses not to wage war. She is the lone one wishing to keep the realm together who is pushing for a peaceful resolution and is unwilling to launch an attack. Rhaenys is led to conclude that perhaps Rhaenyra was not entirely untrue. The Black Queen reminded her of herself in several ways.

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