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George R. R. Martin allegedly hid his initials in the names of Elden Ring’s gods and goddesses




Game of Thrones might be over, but George R. R. Martin is still out there rocking it. While all of us have been waiting for The Winds of Winter, that’s not all George is doing right now. Aside from helping develop the Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon and other spinoff shows at HBO, Martin is working on adapting his Wild Cards universe into a Marvel comic series, all the while sharing his expertise in creating a mythical world for the new video game Elden Ring. And he has cleverly left a permanent mark in the game itself, as it seems.

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A recent revelation by the PC Gamer, and also noticed by several players and fans all over the world, Martin very intricately hid his initials in the game in plain sight. And yet it took days for anyone to figure it out. The first letters of the names of several sets of gods and goddesses form the initials of Martin’s name i.e. G.R.R.M. (George Raymond Richard Martin), the most glaring example being the big four themselves: Godfrey, Rennala, Radagon, and Marika.

In fact, all of Elden Ring’s gods and demigods have names beginning with these three letters: Godfrey, Godwyn, Godrick, Rennala, Radagon, Radahn, Rykard, Ranni, Renna, Marika, Morgott, Mogh, Malenia, Miquella, and Maliketh.

Was it really a cheeky signature left by Martin in the game? Or more of a tribute by the developers to the Game of Thrones author? Talk to us in the comments below!


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