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What are the names of the dragons in Game of Thrones?



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Game of Thrones enjoyed unparalleled success during its run, captivating audiences worldwide. While many viewers adored the show, an increasing number seek to delve deeper into its rich lore.

Among the series’ most captivating characters is Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Khaleesi or the Dragon Queen. She is a central figure descended from the once-reigning dynasty of Westeros, the Targaryens.

Following her exile, Daenerys weds the Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo. She then embarks on a  journey marked by the hatching of her three dragon eggs.

These dragons, born from the ashes of her past, evolve into formidable allies and symbols of her destiny to reclaim the Iron Throne. This article will delve deeper into the stories behind Daenerys’ three dragons, their symbolism, and what they meant to her.

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Credits: HBO

Rhaegal bears the namesake of Daenerys Targaryen’s eldest brother, Rhaegar. Rhaegal is adorned with emerald green and bronze scales, complemented by yellow-orange wings and orange eyes.

As he matures, he develops blackened scales along his dorsal side contrasting against bright green striping on his neck. Despite immense strength and the ability to unleash fire, Rhaegal’s temperament leans more towards calmness. He can exhibit ferocity when necessary, particularly in defense of his mother.

Trained by Daenerys to respond to High Valyrian commands, such as “Dracarys,” Rhaegal unleashes torrents of flame upon her cue. Additionally, he demonstrates a protective instinct towards his brother Viserion.

In the lore of A Song of Ice and Fire, Rhaegal mirrors his role in the television adaptation. He displays a balance of aggression and friendliness that sets him apart from his brothers.

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Credits: HBO

Viserion bears the namesake of Daenerys Targaryen’s elder brother, Viserys. His features include cream and gold scales, complemented by red-orange wings and green eyes.

Viserion exhibits calmness tempered by moments of ferocity when defending his mother. As a dragon, he possesses immense physical strength and soars with unparalleled speed and agility through the skies.

Tragedy befalls Viserion when he falls under the control of the Night King. He transforms into an ice dragon, distinct from his brothers. His once-golden scales take on a deathly blue hue, his wings become torn and tattered, and his eyes turn the icy blue characteristic of White Walkers.

Transformed, Viserion’s flames turn blue, capable of demolishing the Wall with ease. Viserion remains a formidable force under the Night King’s command, devoid of free will and driven solely by his master’s orders.

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Drogon — The biggest dragon in Game of Thrones


Credits: HBO

Drogon bears the namesake of Daenerys’s late husband, Khal Drogo. His distinctive features include black and red scales, complemented by wings of red-black hues.

Over the years, Drogon has grown immensely, evolving from the size of a kitten to that of a massive whale. His aggression surpasses that of his siblings.

Drogon also exhibits empathy, mourning the loss of his fallen brethren and expressing grief at Daenerys’s death. When confronted with her lifeless body, Drogon responds with profound sorrow and unexpected restraint.

He refrains from harming her killer and instead turns his wrath upon the symbol of power and destruction: the Iron Throne. In sparing Jon Snow, Drogon’s actions defy expectation beyond mere instinctual response.

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