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Watch Matt Smith subtly correct interviewer who misgendered Emma D’Arcy during House of the Dragon Season 2 premiere

Matt Smith was praised by the LGBTQ+ community for his action at the London premiere of “House of the Dragon” Season 2.



Rhaenyra and Daemon on the beach
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Emma D’Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen is one of the best castings in House of the Dragon, and Matt Smith as Daemon complements them perfectly. Matt Smith is also a great ally of D’Arcy in real life.

Smith’s recent act of correcting an interviewer who misgendered D’Arcy at the London premiere of House of the Dragon Season 2 was a significant moment and a powerful statement. This action, praised by the LGBTQ+ community, underscores Smith’s support for the community and the importance of using respectful language.

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Matt Smith corrects interviewer who misgenders Emma D’Arcy


Credit: @kayleens_coffee | Twitter

At the London premiere of “House of the Dragon” Season 2, Sue Perkins, the host of Sky’s fan show “House of the Dragon: War Room,” interviewed Matt Smith. She referred to an earlier interview with Emma D’Arcy, saying, “She gave you all the credit,” about the scene where Daemon tells Rhaenyra about Lucerys’ death.

D’Arcy’s preferred pronouns are they/them. Smith answered Perkins’ question while using the correct pronouns, saying:

I can’t take the credit, [but] I have to say, aren’t they brilliant?

They are absolutely brilliant, and you’re in for a real treat with Emma this year, I think Emma’s put in… a really great performance.

The original poster of the video on Twitter shared their reaction, having recorded it from Sky’s live stream on TikTok:

Perkins has since responded to her error.

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Fan reactions to Perkins’ statement

After this interview, fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions regarding Perkins misgendering D’Arcy.


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