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The Last of Us Season 2 to begin production very soon



The Writers Guild of America strike, which had put everything in Hollywood on hold, including highly anticipated series and films, has come to an end thanks to a settlement that will have an impact on all writers in the business, regardless of the network they work for. This is encouraging news for aspiring authors who are just getting their start as well as for fans who have been waiting for the release of their favorite series and movies, like The Last of Us.

The writing on the second season of The Last of Us begins soon

In the wake of the WGA strike’s ending, a number of big media houses are pushing for their major productions to move forth quickly. HBO’s The Last of Us is definitely one of them. As soon as the negotiations were finalized, showrunner Craig Mazin wrote on X:

However, he later clarified (via ScreenRant) that currently only the writing will begin, the filming will still take quite some time to commence.

The companies were costing themselves money prolonging the strikes

Mazin reiterated earlier in an interview, “Every day that the companies wait to end it [extends] its inevitable conclusion. They’re just costing themselves more money, and I don’t know why when they could just end it today. I do think their delusional phase has finally ended, and now we just have to deal with some other issues like fear and pride. This will end, and when it ends, it will end to the satisfaction of the Writers Guild. I am absolutely convinced of that. We have no other choice.”

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