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The Last of Us showrunner says the big networks are “costing themselves more money” by prolonging the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes



HBO’s mega-hit The Last of Us is already in pre-production for its second season. There is no denying that the series has exceeded many expectations, making it one of HBO’s most expensive yet undoubtedly successful projects. Fans may have to wait a little longer for Season 2 due to the writers’ and performers’ strikes, which have delayed production.

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Craig Mazin says the companies are “delusional”

Mazin is an ardent supporter of the strikes, and voiced his concerns via THR:

“I think for a few months, the companies have been kind of delusional in thinking that this wasn’t going to be any different — “We’ve just got to wait them out and soften them up and they’ll start fighting among themselves.” But this is not like any other negotiation I’ve seen in my 30 years. There’s a Zen about it: This sucks, we all hate it, but this is it.”

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The companies are costing themselves money

Mazin went on to reiterate, “Every day that the companies wait to end it [extends] its inevitable conclusion. They’re just costing themselves more money, and I don’t know why when they could just end it today. I do think their delusional phase has finally ended, and now we just have to deal with some other issues like fear and pride. This will end, and when it ends, it will end to the satisfaction of the Writers Guild. I am absolutely convinced of that. We have no other choice.”

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