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George R.R. Martin was shocked to find out House of the Dragon will continue filming despite SAG-AFTRA strike



The recent completion of filming in Wales for the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon means that all outdoor work on the next HBO epic is now over. The project is presently more than halfway done and the final shooting will take place at the Leavesden Studios until September. The production may have been stopped in the middle, but it now appears that House of the Dragon won’t encounter any problems.

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George R. R. Martin was shocked to see House of the Dragon actors not being allowed to protest

Martin recently expressed his surprise in his blog, Not A Blog:

“Honestly, I was shocked to hear that. One of the two major UK political parties, Labour, has its roots in the trade union movement. How in the world could they have allowed such anti-labor regulations to be enacted? Seems to me that Labour Party really needs to do a better job of protecting the right to strike.”

House of the Dragon is half done

Earlier in the same post, Martin informed his readers, “One of the few shows till shooting is HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, as you may have read. That’s true. I am told the second season is half done. ALL of the scripts had been finished months before the WGA strike began. No writing has been done since, to the best of my knowledge. HOT D is shot mostly in London (and a little bit in Wales, Spain, and various other locations), which is why filming has continued.”

“The actors are members of the British union, Equity, not SAG-AFTRA, and though Equity strongly supports their American cousins (they have a big rally planned to show that support), British law forbids them from staging a sympathy strike. If they walk, they have no protection against being fired for breach of contract, or even sued.”

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