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The Last of Us episode 3 “Long, Long Time” originally had an extended version



The Last of Us Episode 3

The Last of Us Episode 3 titled “Long Long Time” has received a lot of love since the time it first aired. The story of Bill and Frank is what makes this episode so special. After the episode aired, it was also discovered that there is an extended version of the episode, which was never released. However, the extended script for the episode has been released by the producers and fans can read it too! So let’s take a look at the Episode 3 extended script.

Check out the Episode 3 Extended version here!

While there is no way to watch the extended version of the episode as HBO hasn’t released the full version. The original script has been released as a part of Deadline’s ‘It Starts On The Page’ feature. Meaning fans at least get to read the script! You can read the original script for the Episode “Long Long Time” from here.

Craig Mazin introduced the script via Deadline and said, “The Last of Us is a love story, and that’s not always good news. Love can blind us, move us to violence, harden our hearts to strangers, or paralyse us with grief. But in the world Neil Druckmann and I built for this show, it was just as important to show how love could still flourish in a positive way.”

What’s so special about this particular Last of Us Episode?

The Last of Us Episode 3 is much different from the rest of the episodes. What separates it from the rest is that the tone of the episode is much simpler and it just showcases a beautiful story of love between Bill and Frank. It was also revealed that the producers took a risk with the episode as the story was changed for the TV Show and it followed a much different route when compared to the video game.

While introducing the script, Mazin also said, “As someone who has been married for over 25 years, it was just as important to portray that kind of love… the lasting, well-worn love that is a product not merely of attraction or chemistry, but of commitment. My hope was that people would see in Bill and Frank’s relationship the victory of honest, achievable, realistic love…”

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With that said, have you watched HBO’s The Last of Us till now? If yes, did you like it? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment down below!

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