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George R. R. Martin originally wanted Sansa to betray the Starks in Game of Thrones



George R. R. Martin and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark)

In the world of Game of Thrones, unexpected plot twists and shocking betrayals keep viewers on the edge of their seats. However, a surprising initial plot point was that one of the most beloved characters, Sansa Stark, was originally planning to betray her own family. The author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, George R.R. Martin, discarded a plot twist involving Sansa’s betrayal of the Starks in favor of her marriage to Joffrey Lannister in one of his initial pitches from 1993 before the publication of the first book. Let’s delve into the details and explore what this turn of events would have meant for the iconic character.

George R. R. Martin’s pitch

Sansa Stark

During the pitching stage, George R.R. Martin had a different vision for the Starks. As he revealed:

Each of the contending families will learn it has a member of dubious loyalty in its midst. Sansa Stark, wed to Joffrey Baratheon, will bear him a son, the heir to the throne. And when the crunch comes she will choose her husband and child over her parents and siblings, a choice she will later bitterly rue.”

Sansa’s journey throughout the series involves a transformation from a naive young girl to a cunning and strategic player. She experienced immense trauma and abuse, shaping her into a survivor. However, her potential betrayal of her family adds another layer of complexity to her character. It would have further accentuated her internal struggle, torn between personal happiness and familial duty.

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On the contrary, abandoning the plan for Sansa Stark to betray her family was a wise decision that preserved the core values of loyalty and honor that define the Starks. The Starks’ unwavering support for one another has always been a strong emotional element in the story, allowing them to symbolize purity and integrity in a world filled with deception. Sansa’s character development and eventual ending were able to flourish without compromising the unity of the Stark family, allowing viewers to celebrate their resilience and unwavering bond.

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    She betrayed her family over and over in the show.

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