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Sansa Stark gets a satisfying end in Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale




That one thing Sansa Stark has wanted since Season 1, she got in Game of Thrones Season 8 Grand Finale. That’s a lot to say in comparison to some of our other main characters. Sophie Turner had promised a satisfying end for Sansa in a recent interview, and she proved to be quite right.

The rest of this article contains spoilers. So if you haven’t watched the Finale yet, take heed!

Sansa Stark had endured much and learned more in her journey through the eight seasons of Game of Thrones. All her sufferings stand paid back in full when the crown settled upon her head and all the lords and ladies hailed the “Queen in the North” in unison.

Sansa has been working for an independent North ever since she escaped Ramsay Bolton’s clutch. She could have chosen to remain with the Southern Kingdoms since her own brother is King now. With Jon and Arya gone, she would have wielded great power in King’s Landing politics as the Wardeness of the North. But she chose to uphold the Northern people’s wish for independence.

Sansa’s ‘little bird’ comment may have caused an uproar, but it makes sense in her story. She survived Cersei, Ramsay and even Littlefinger by learning what they did best and then using that knowledge against them. And here she put that political acumen to good use by setting up Daenerys Targaryen for her doom and negotiating independence for the North.

Sansa did not become the queen of the Seven Kingdoms as she had once naively dreamed. But she did become queen, and in a far more poignant way, by fighting for independence from centuries of Southern control.

Her crowning is also the geopolitical representation of “breaking the wheel”. North was free before Aegon Targaryen came and united the seven separate kingdoms into a united whole. In a sense, Aegon “made the wheel”.

With the North seceding from Aegon’s empire the wheel is well and truly undone. And under all its wars, intrigues, and prophecies, that is what Game of Thrones was all about.

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Game of Thrones had plenty of social messages hidden in plain sight. Though it may not be too obvious, it was a representation of our own society. According to recent research, the fantasy show is very similar to real-world human interactions. That’s the reason why the show was such a big hit, people could relate to the characters. The series was a big platform to showcase the Domestic Abuse women face behind closed doors. Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), has come forward in support of them.

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Emilia posted a picture on her Instagram with a heart symbol drawn on her hand. She captioned, “This is something I care deeply about, and a problem that is everywhere, but behind closed doors.

For far too many home isn’t a safe place for those living with domestic abuse. I want to reach out and connect to anyone reading this who may feel scared in their own homes during this time.

At home should not mean at risk – we support you. #YouAreNotAlone.

If you or anyone you know is at risk of, or experiencing domestic abuse, you can leave your home to seek refuge. The police will respond to your calls and support services remain available.

Call 999 if you are in immediate danger. If you can’t speak and are calling from a mobile, listen to the operator and, when prompted, dial 55 to be connected to the police who will help.

If you suspect a neighbour or someone you know is currently experiencing domestic abuse please do call 999 and let them take the situation forward.”

It’s time to raise our voices against the issue. Tell us how we can curb the violence in the comments below!


Even though the year 2020 has ruined so many holidays for us, we can’t let go of the festive mood. Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time for cakes, cookies and presents! Festivals are one of the few occasions that strengthen the bonds of a family. It seems like singer Joe Jonas is already a step ahead, gifting his wife Sophie Turner an early Christmas present. The Game of Thrones star was really happy about it and proudly showed it off on Instagram.

Joe gifted her a T-shirt covered in throwback photos of singer and actress Miley Cyrus. The top is emblazoned with the words ‘Hannah Montana’. It features photos of Cyrus both in character as the Disney icon Hannah, who she played between 2006 and 2011, and as herself after she had shed her Disney image.

“Thanks to the Hubbs of the year for my early Christmas gift,” Turner wrote alongside a photo of herself posing in her new item of clothing.

They welcomed their baby daughter Willa in July this year. Sophie has got a tattoo tribute to her daughter. She has the letter W inked on her wrist below the J she already had for her husband.

Send your best wishes to Sophie and her cute little family in the comments below! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Game of Thrones ended more than a year ago. The fans of the fantasy series miss the show dearly. The cast of the show has moved on to newer projects. Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is busy shooting for Modern Love (And preparing for fatherhood as well). Iain Glenn (Ser Jorah Mormont) has completed the shooting of his upcoming movie The Racer.

Directed by Kieron J Walsh, the movie circles around a series of scandals that took place at the 1998 Tour de France. The film was the opening film for the Cork International Film Festival. Though fictional, The Racer shows the dangerous lengths teams will go to for a competitive edge. Iain Glen plays the team’s Mr Fixit with the syringes and vials, Sonny McElhone.

Vertigo Releasing will be releasing The Racer in UK cinemas and on streaming platforms from 18 December. The Racer was due to premiere at SXSW back in March before it was cancelled due to COVID-19. has shared an exclusive clip from the movie along with a poster. Below are some snaps from the clip. Let’s check them out!

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