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Ryan Condal reveals how the House of the Dragon Season 2 premiere ends

House of the Dragon Season 2’s premiere ends with a touching moment.



Rhaenyra hugs Jacaerys House of the Dragon Season 2 episode 1
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The second season of House of the Dragon is premiering very soon, and reviewers have already watched the first two episodes. In anticipation of the release, the podcast Black Girl Nerds released a video interviewing the cast and crew about Season 2. Host Jamie Broadnax interviewed Ryan Condal, who revealed an important detail about the Season 2 premiere’s ending.

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Ryan Condal shares the end of Episode 1 of House of the Dragon Season 2


Credits: Jeff Kravitz

At the end of season 1, Rhaenyra Targaryen sent her son, Jacaerys, to gather support from powerful lords in Westeros. She was on the verge of war with her brother Aegon, who the Greens crowned king, even though King Viserys had named Rhaenyra heir. Jacaerys travelled to the North to meet Lord Cregan Stark.

Meanwhile, Jace’s younger brother Lucerys went to Storm’s End to recruit Lord Borros Baratheon. But he encountered Prince Aemond Targaryen, trying to win Lord Borros’ support for Aegon. They confronted each other, and in the ensuing conflict, Lucerys died. His body and the remains of his dragon, Arrax, fell into the bay below.

As we know from promos, in the season 2 premiere, “A Son for a Son,” Rhaenyra will use her dragon Syrax to search for Luke’s body. An official clip shows Daemon and Rhaenys discussing it. We know how this event concludes thanks to Condal’s interview with Broadnax.

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Rhaenyra will return to Dragonstone with Luke’s body

Lucerys Funeral

Credits: Max

Ryan Condal explains that at the end of Episode 1, Rhaenyra returns from her quest at Storm’s End with Luke’s body. He stated:

“At the end of Episode 1, where Rhaenyra has returned from her quest at Storm’s End and returned with Luke’s body and has now cleaned up and put herself together and is mourning in her bedchamber when Jace returns having flown in from the North and comes to try and report to his mother and they break down and they share that really really moving embrace together…”

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This tells us that Jace will spend most of the episode in the North but return to Dragonstone by the end. The season 2 premiere is set to start about ten days after the end of season 1. Given that Jace left Dragonstone shortly before this and returns by the end of the episode, his trip likely takes around two weeks. We likely won’t see him visit Lady Jeyne Arryn in the Vale during this episode, though she will appear later, played by Amanda Collin.

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