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Matt Smith gives a new motto to the Greens in House of the Dragon Season 2 interview

Matt Smith puts his incredible wit to use!



matt smith in house of the dragon season 2
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The cast of House of the Dragon has been making the rounds for promotions for the ongoing season. Matt Smith, Fabien Frankel, Eve Best, Steve Toussaint, Ewan Mitchell, Phia Saban, Tom Glynn-Carney, Harry Collett, and Bethany Antonia answer a few trivia questions on the HBO prequel.

In this fun quiz segment by Capital Buzz, the cast is divided into teams where they each answer questions and earn points to eventually win the game. While Smith and Frankel claim from the get-go that they are clueless about the history and facts of the narrative, they do pretty well on the quiz. In fact, Smith’s wit and humor make their team stand out among the rest.

Matt Smith hilariously “guesses” the motto of House Hightower

House Of The Dragon Cast vs. 'The Most Impossible House Of The Dragon Quiz'

Actor Matt Smith is known not just for his exceptional acting abilities but also for his wit and humor. In the latest fun quiz segment, he teams up with Fabien Frankel to answer some trivia questions on the show and Targaryens in general. They are up against 3 other teams – Best and Toussaint, Collett and Antonia, and Ewan Mitchell who plays solo.

The questions vary from basic knowledge to intricate attention to detail. However, one question provokes interesting answers from all the cast members of House of the Dragon. The host asks, “What is the motto of House Hightower?

While we assume the Greens should know this answer by heart, Smith chooses to give them a motto of his own that reads,

We’re a bunch of d***heads and nobody likes us.

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This elicits uproarious laughter from both the host and his costar Frankel. Smith even goes on to call the Hightowers “a bunch of morons,” leading to more laughter and gags.

Frankel adds to the fun and quips the motto might be, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The host eventually reveals that the motto of House Hightower is “We Light the Way.

Best and Toussaint’s team also have a funny go at the answer as the latter says their motto is “steal what you can.

Mitchell, Collett, and Saban answer the question correctly in one go, proving that their knowledge of the show and its history is far superior to everyone else’s. They did their homework before being a part of the show.

Smith further gives House Black a motto too. He jokingly says it should be, “We’re a bunch of f***ing legends.

In the end, Collett and Antonia’s team emerges victorious at a tie with Mitchell who won despite playing solo.

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