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“This is the juicy part of the drama,” House of the Dragon showrunner discusses the making of Season 2 in “Inside the Episode”

The cast and crew of House of the Dragon discuss the Season 2 premiere.



Alicent Hightower and Criston Cole
Credits: Max

There’s a lot that goes into making an episode stand out for the masses. House of the Dragon took over 2 years to release season 2. Nonetheless, fans were not surprised to know that this season is going to be bigger and better than the previous one.

Showrunner Ryan Condal also talks about how this season came about and the effort that was put into making the story come to life on screen.

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Ryan Condal: Excited to get to the juicy part of the story

Inside the Episode - Episode #11 (201) | House of The Dragon | Season 2 | HBO

The video gives fans a glimpse into how the next season is going to progress. We already know a lot about the season owing to the promo videos and showrunner comments. There’s no shortage of behind the scenes content for House of the Dragon season 2, yet this video provides an overview of what specificities we can expect from the upcoming weekly episodes. Showrunner Ryan Condal specifically mentioned,

In the making of season 1, we knew half of that season is prologue and half of it is the first act of this war. To have the season 1 land the way it did was with a rabid audience fans of George and his books. I’m exited to get into it because this is the juicy part of the drama.

Season 1 of House of the Dragon formed the foundation of the narrative as fans familiarized themselves with the characters and their arcs. Now, the upcoming season is going to further the story and add new drama to the mix.

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Northerns play a major role

Cregan Stark and Jacaerys Targaryen

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We already saw in House of the Dragon season 2 episode 1 what a major role the Starks and other Northern houses will play in the season. Their sheer numbers and ability to fight any army seamlessly cannot be ignored in the Dance of the Dragons.

Condal further shares how the North is a place still untouched by the cunning ways of the Blacks and the Greens. As we move further in this season, we will witness what a crucial role they will play in the war. Either party is bound to get the support of the North and it will certainly be a turning point for the same. The first scene of the first episode shows Jace trying to earn the support of the Starks.

Rhaenyra grieves Lucerys

It’s not easy for a mother to lose a son and get over with it so soon. Rhaenyra is juggling the grief she feels over her son’s death and the strife to gain the Iron Throne. Condal sheds light on how the Black Queen fares this season.

“One of the sort of maddest things about death is that it seems impossible especially because the overriding feeling is often you just sit with the absence.”

A very poignant aspect of this season is also how every character grieves and deals with death. Deamon seems to drown himself in revenge, Rhaenyra isolates herself whereas Jace tries to hold himself together for his mother.

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Tom Glynn-Carney is finding humor in Aegon


Credits: Max

As a showrunner, Condal specifically appreciates how actor Tom Glynn-Carney is finding humor in Aegon’s character. He never knew such a petty and plain guy could have so much zest and humor for the ordinary things in life. Even though there is so much weighing in on him, he’s coping with it differently and adding a few laughs as he does.

Moreover, Aegon is not one to discipline his kids just as his father didn’t do with him. They love their kids dearly and would do anything for them. Kings only think of grooming their heirs for the Throne. However, they forget to notice how their kids are growing up as humans. Nonetheless, the nuance Carney has brought in Aegon is unmatched and the showrunner is excited for all to witness that.

Criston Cole and Alicent get intimate in the same room as Cole and Rhaenyra once did

The first season of House of the Dragon sort of teased a little something between Criston Cole and Alicent. Now season 2 is carrying that theme completely as Alicent awakens her physical needs and finds comfort with Criston Cole, the classic knight in shining armor. Director Alan Taylor says,

Criston Cole is a knight in shining armor, classically handsome, but sort of messed up in his own ways which I love.

This newfound relationship between Cole and Alicent could have lasting effects on the burgeoning war. Not to mention, how impactful they have made this couple since they begin their journey in the same room as Cole and Rhaenyra once did. Moreover, Cole’s involvement in the war and hatred towards Rhaenyra might also get highlighted since the latter did not reciprocate his feelings in season 1.

However, this seems to be an aspect they are yet unaware of. It’s also intriguing to see the showrunners expand on Cole’s character and flesh out a more interesting person out of him. He’s gaining more dimensions in this season and we’ll get to see more as the story unravels.

Taylor further shares how Cole and Alicent both are messed up people who found solace in each other. The unforgiving world may punish them but they’re strong enough to fight for their needs.

House of the Dragon season 2 promises to be thrilling ride with more character arcs and tales to follow. As more episodes release, the threads of the story will gradually unravel for us to see the full picture.

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